secret promotion instructions


Howdy, if you read this you have received a link from me or a common friend. Truly thank you for taking the time to spread the word about this site. In this busy world postponing means forgetting, so please take action immediately after reading this. To decide to whom you will forward my sitethe facebook page or the page you are reading, you need to know 3 things:

1. What do I do?

In essence my work is translating messages into (moving) images. What comes in can be simplified to a single sentence and what comes out is hopefully a beautiful, memorable movie. My favourite projects are TV commercials, corporate videos and music videos. Here are some examples how a message becomes a movie:
“This shoe is mysteriously good”, Asics
“We are changing the software”, PON-CAT
“Walk-in is different from walking”, Heineken

2. Why should anyone care?

The advantages of contacting me and not a studio or another freelancer are:
More efficient (and cheaper) than a studio. Maybe my daily rate is higher, but I don’t waste time and money in internal communication, expensive office and unnecessary hardware. My clients pay only for my work.
More flexible than an usual freelancer. Due to my different education, I’m better prepared technically than other freelancers in the Netherlands. I use non-destructive workflows, which makes last minute changes possible.
Scalable outside the Netherlands. I still keep in touch with colleagues in Bulgaria, which allows me to bring on board amazing artists and keep the project financially viable.

3. Who should know about this?

My target group are decision makers in the advertisement industry or in the communications departments of organisations (companies, universities, municipalities). Again, some examples:
ad agencies: producers, art or creative directors
big companies, universities, governmental institutions: internal and external communication/marketing officers
small companies: the boss
municipalities: communication advisors
music bands: manager, PR people

This is it, now think if you know someone who might know someone that needs their messages upgraded to the glorious life of a 3D animation. Then forward my site, the facebook page or the page you are reading. Thanks:)
Dimitar (Mitko) Kralev