Concept: Smokin’ Barrel & Fube
Direction: Smaokin’ Barrel
Animation: Fube
Post-production: Smokin’ Barrel & Fube
Camera (live-action): Ype Poortinga
Motion Graphics: Smokin’ Barrel
Editing: Smokin’ Barrel
Sound Design: Wouter Tjaden
Music: Lennert Busch

Together with Smokin’ Barrel we helped Pon Cat explain in an easy and fun way some of the features of their new all-in-one software – the M3. The design of the robot went trough meticulous adjustments and the little character is going to be used in various formats. I modelled, shaded and lit the robot and did the on-set work on most of the shots.

Here is a bit of the progress:


And here are the first draft in the modelling phase: