Sony ps vita

Client: Minivegas
My role: Lighting, Shading, Pre-compositing

With a two weeks of time between the shoot and final delivery, this spot for Sony was a nice challenge for the whole team. Thanks to the good on-set work, I could easily make the first version of the lighting and shading for the whole movie. From then on I continued improving the shading and lighting and with the rest of the Minivegas team polished the movie to it’s final look. In the last stages of the process I got a lot of little nice tips how to make images that look nice while still keeping a big level of realism. In general this is one of the most smoothly going projects I have worked on. Even in the overtime hours, I didn’t feel stress or urgency, to a big extend due to the calm attitude of the studio producers. Working with the Minivegas team was easy, fast and pretty much pure fun. Hope this can be seen also in the movie.