3D stills

Portfolio stills.

snowcastle residence

snowcastle residence


Made at Studio Magenta

For this project I had to capture the cosiness of a mountain apartment hotel. I chose for sunset light because of its comforting warm color and combined it with contrasty color scheme for more depth. Kostadin Kostadinov helped with the design and compositing. The picture on the wall is by Andrew Gonzalez. V-Ray’s super fast displacement was used for the fireplace. The carpet is made with VrayFur.


Here are two more images from the same project:









Personal project
Ever since I started exploring 3D graphics, I wanted to make a scene with LEGO. When an online speed contest with the topic “games” was announced ¬†on 3dbg.com, I decided to use the opportunity and accomplish this little dream of mine. This was also a test with the newly introduced Physical Camera and a bunch of other new features of V-Ray. It took me one day from scratch to final render and the picture was actually the winner.


This is the package of my original toy along with a few steps in the process: