Personal: Four portraits of Tiho

  • Video:Dimitar Kralev
  • Audio:Tamako Suzuki
  • Piano, recording and mix:Dimitar Bodurov
  • Cello:Kristijan Krajncan

“Tiho is a quiet guy, a bit of an introvert. He wants to join a car collector’s club, but one of the requirements is to send some profile pictures. Here are the four shots of Tiho.”

I started this project while following one of the most famous car modeling tutorials in the world – the one by Karabo Legwaila. This is actually my first modelled car.  Somewhere in the middle, I decided to continue on my own. Then the project was abandoned for long time. Then later, I decided to give it more context and combine it with a character of mine. 

Here is  a very rough animatic. I think only I understand it:

Here are some early test images:

Personal: Four portraits of Tiho